Great news for all concerning sausages; For too long the sausage was looked upon as an item you would have just for breakfast or a fry up. How things have changed, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this change in people’s perception of sausages. Whilst sausages are still ideal for breakfasts and snacks the introduction of Gourmet Sausages has prompted people to look at sausages in a different light.

Today Gourmet Sausages introduce new and exciting tastes and ingredients into the meal. With quality ingredients and high meat content, these sausages are healthy, satisfying, full of flavour and are a filling quality meal.

Northampton Sausage Company

Gourmet speciality sausages

Northamptonshire Sausages have made their mark and satisfy a consumer need, introducing other flavours with more sophisticated messages that enable adults to eat sausages as a main meal. There is tremendous opportunity to enjoy this with our Gourmet Range of Home Made Sausages, a full listing of our range available on the products page.